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Das Tagungs- und Kulturhotel im Taunus

Limesstraße 16
61389 Schmitten-Oberreifenberg

"Next time we come for longer"

Yes, we were nervous. Horacio Pebete Godoy & Maricel Giacomini are among the best-known tango teachers worldwide with - usually - engagements in the big cities and metropolises of the world. How would they like it in the middle of nowhere? Surrounded by forest and nature only? A whole weekend? With only three dozen of participants in class? 

They liked it! In fact, they loved it so much, that they will be back next year. Pebete: "Next time we come a bit earlier and enjoy the tangohotel und everything a bit longer." Great! We have had a spectacular weekend. Classes were outstanding, so was dancing. Wherever you went, there were happy tango dancers: laughing, chatting, eating, dancing, enjoying this spectacular weekend together with Maricel & Pebete. Amazing! Thanks Maricel & Pebete! (Picture of the showdance c: Jutta Königsfeld)

2023 05 Horacio milonguero style

What does milonguero style mean? What happened within the orchestras between 1935 and 1941? What changed for the dancers? Maricel & Pebete had answers for everything. (c: TA-TAA!)

2023 05 Horacio history of tango

How did they dance 100 years ago? Where did they dance? Pebete had lot's of historic pictures and videos. (c: TA-TAA!)

2023 05 Horacio Maricel mit Wasiliki Andreas

Happy faces after an excellent weekend (from left): Maricel Giacomini, Wasiliki Koulis, the operator of the TA-TAA!, Horacio Pebete Godoy and Andreas Hougardy, owner of the hotel. (c: TA-TAA!)

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