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Das Tagungs- und Kulturhotel im Taunus

Limesstraße 16
61389 Schmitten-Oberreifenberg

"Viva la Pepa!"

In Argentina Pepa Palazón is a star. In Europe she get's more and more known. Now she spent four days of teaching musicality classes in the TA-TAA! and was totally enthusiastic - just as all the students were. This is what Pepa posted on Facebook: 
"How grateful I feel in my heart after this trip to TA-TAA with Wasiliki and her team of wonderful people!!! It has been four INCREDIBLE days and I want to say THANK YOU to all the students for their total dedication and their desire to continue learning and improving their Musicality! What a great job you guys did! Bravo!

I  want to say thanks to Imme and Tomaž Leskovšek and Jožica Leskovšek for their work and dedication, and to the whole TA-TAA team!
And a very special THANK YOU to Wasiliki Koulis and Andreas Hougardy for opening the doors of their house to me. All my admiration!!
And if you don't know the beautiful hotel that is TA-TAA, go because it's like being in a dream! High in the mountains, next to Frankfurt, with such unique silence and vegetation! Wow!
Thank you for these wonderful days of tango and friendship! We'll see you next year!

Picture: Pepa (front) with Wasiliki Koulis and Andreas Hougardy (operator and owner of the hotel), Tomaž (DJ from the Pre-Milonga), Jožica, Imme and students. 

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